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29.09.2018 FCI 9 group dog show

Place:  ,,Dino Zoo Pasaule", Krasta iela 52, Rīga
Irina Azen (Belarus)
Show committee keeps the right to change the judge if necessary!


Birojā: Otrdienās no 17:00 – 19:30 Elijas 21, 3 kab., Rīgā
Tālr. +371 28800110

Latvijas Dekoratīvo Suņu Klubs Biedrība
Reģ. Nr. 40008012120
Banka: Citadele Banka A/S
Konta Nr: LV89PARX0012664040001


Documents what you need for registration: 
* A copy of export Pedigree with the identification – ONLY MICROCHIP.
* A copy of the Champion certificate, if the dog will be entered in the Champion class

* A copy of payment (please write dog breed and name!). Entry fee must be transferred to Latvian Toy Dog Club account in full amount (please, do not forget about a bank charges). 
Cheques will be not accepted!

*** Bitches in season or sick pets cannot participate at the show! If pet becomes sick or season for the bitch starts until the first day of the Show, exhibitor can receive back 70% of the entry fee if he sends official veterinary certificate issued till the first day of the Show to organizers of the shows
( or present it to show secretary until end of the show.



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